Why Choose Climate-controlled Self Storage

The decision to rent a self-storage unit is completely based on one’s desire to control personal or professional items from the elements. In any functional storage unit, you will receive basic protection from the sun, snow, and rain. However, Northern Georgia experiences winter and summer weather extremes that involve more than protection from the sky. Temperature and humidity changes are also a worry. If you truly want to protect your belongings, choose climate-controlled self-storage.

5 Reasons to Choose Climate-controlled Self Storage

1. Freezing
If you are only storing empty, metal boxes, then freezing may not be an issue. However, freezing can cause liquid materials to expand and crack their containers. Other solid items may be weakened if frozen for extended periods of time. Ringgold remains fairly warm through much of the year, but the winter months dip below freezing. Especially with items that will break when frozen, climate-controlled self-storage is important.

2. Melting
Melting is more of an issue for the Ringgold area because the average temps during summer months average over 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This isn’t going to melt most plastics, but it could be detrimental for perishable items and soft plastics. Furthermore, it may get very hot in a storage unit without climate control, as the enclosure may heat up like an oven.

3. Temperature fluctuations
Melting and freezing are not likely the biggest concerns for self-storage occupiers because most things put into storage are not perishable. However, extreme temperature shifts from hot to cold can cause brittleness over time as items expand and contract in response. Many items that remain in storage for too long will likely break when used if your storage unit is not climate-controlled.

4. Mold/mildew
Anywhere in Georgia is a good place for mold growth. That is only a small overstatement. Georgia is humid, and storage units that aren’t climate-controlled are susceptible to moisture from humidity and heat fluctuations that cause condensation. Furthermore, no ventilation and moisture make a perfect petri dish for mold to grow. Mold is toxic to human health, and it is difficult to remove. Many items infested by mold must be discarded.

5. Other bacteria/fungi
Like mold, warm and moist areas are the perfect environments for bacteria and other fungi to thrive. Prevent this by getting a climate-controlled storage unit.

Protecting your items from the elements includes protection from humidity and temperature fluctuations, so choose a self-storage unit that is climate-controlled. Your items will come out of storage in the same shape they went in.
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